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No firm better understands the architecture of Indiana Legislation than us.


Cardinal Consulting is a leader in Indiana Legislation. We know and are connected with the industry's stakeholders. And how to get in touch with them.


We've built strategic relationships with governors, state attorneys general, lawmakers, mayors, county commissioners, city council members, and state and local groups over many years of public service and involvement. Our staff will rise to the challenge whether we need to meet with important decision makers, monitor, pass, or kill legislation, or advance policy issues.


We improve the working environment for businesses by facilitating interactions between industry and local governments by providing channels of communication and collaboration and leveraging our network.



​We provide a Soup to Nuts approach to lobbying your agenda through the intricacies of the Indiana General Assembly. Whether it's a short session or a budget session, we can take your agenda through the day-to-day motions and ensure you are well represented every step of the way. We also have numerous relationships with the governor's office and will ensure you have a voice within the Executive branch as well.


Our relationships in Washington D.C. help drive your agenda when necessary. We have experience in organizing fly-in events and utilize a portfolio of beltway lobbying firms for assistance on Capitol Hill.


We have a variety of corporate relationships in nearly every major industry within the state of Indiana. We can connect you to the right people to drive your business forward. 




"Carlin Yoder has propelled our association forward through his relationships and tireless efforts of getting our brand in front of the right people. He uses his time wisely and creates endless opportunities for us to grow."

Barbara Bessolo, Indiana Auto Sports Assocation, Member

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